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Living Room OperaNow in its 12th year . . .

Living Room Opera

(Opera Lirica del Soggiorno)

Summer 2001

Please note: This page describes activities for the LRO Summer 2001 season.
If Living Room Opera occurs during the summer of 2002, many arrangements will be different.
Please contact Living Room Opera Founder and Artistic Director Marion Leeds Carroll at marion@leedscarroll.com for more information.

The 2001 season program | Photos from the summer 2001 performance.

About LRO:

What is Living Room Opera?

It's a summer opera workshop directed by Marion Leeds Carroll (artistic/stage director) and Juliet Cunningham (music director), with the assistance of Nancy Burstein (producer). Our object is to learn and perform ensembles in a casual, non-competitive atmosphere. (Return to top)

Who can participate?

People who love to sing, whether potential professionals or enthusiastic amateurs. Because the music we sing is complicated and vocally demanding, this year for the first time we are asking that participants have some past or current vocal training. (Return to top)

What scenes would I be in? How would I get music?

After we've heard you sing at the Getting-to-Know-LRO Open House and seen the preferences you express on the attached Singer's Information Sheet , Marion and Juliet will assign you parts in one or two scenes.

Nancy will send you photocopies of your music after May 5. If you are not able to translate your scene(s) on your own, Marion and Juliet will provide translations and pronunciation guides as needed, since, as a general rule, we perform scenes in their original language. (If you are able to translate your scene, please type up your translation so that we can use it in the program and in the surtitles we prove for our audience!) (Return to top)

When and where do we meet? - Here's our schedule for this year:

Saturday, April 14 at 3:00 PM

Getting-to-Know-LRO Open House -
- find out if this workshop is for you.

We're having a party at which you can ask questions and get the feel of the group. We'll ask new folks to sing, to let everyone get to know their voices, while old members will sing to show off how they've grown since last time. People will sing together to see who sounds good with whom (maybe a round or two of "Row, row, row your boat," or maybe some sight-reading for the brave!) - and everyone will snack and chat and have a lot of fun.
Saturday, April 21 We need your commitment!
- please tell us by no later than this date if you want to take part, so that the staff can a choose scene or two for you
Saturday, May 5 Music is coming
We'll let you know your role after May 5, and send you a copy of your music. We may be in touch with you earlier than this date, to discuss possible scenes and get your approval - and the approval of your voice teacher!
Sunday, May 6 - Monday, June 4 Learn your music
Please discuss your scene(s) with your voice teacher, and make sure that you are getting the music into your voice in a healthy manner. (Look here for music-learning tips!) We don't expect you to have the music completely memorized by the first rehearsal, but we hope you'll be familiar enough with your own part and with the music around your part - other voice parts and accompaniment - that you won't be completely at sea when we start to rehearse.
June 4- July 12


When do we meet?

We'll hold meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings. Depending on which scene(s) you're in, you may only have to come on Monday or Thursday, or we may need you at both sessions each week. (The schedule for the week of July 4th is still to be decided.)

Where do we meet?

Except for our two dress rehearsals and the performance, we meet in living rooms in Arlington.

What will we do at these meetings?

  • Each meeting will start with a vocal and physical warm-up, and with some acting exercises to loosen everyone up.
  • At the first class we'll take turns reading each scene to the class as a dialogue in a free English translation, and discussing the dramatic aspects of the scenes.
  • In each meeting we'll break out into scenes to practice words, rhythm, melody, and drama, rotating among help from Juliet, from Marion, and from one another. (Nancy will sometimes be available as répétiteur.)
  • At meetings near the end of July, groups will perform their in-progress scenes for the class, so that everyone can provide encouragement and suggestions for improvement, and learn from each others' progress. (Return to top)
Sunday, July 15
at 1:30 PM
First Dress Rehearsal/Videotaping
We'll hold this rehearsal at our performance space, in costumes and with sets and props, and it will be videotaped!
Tuesday, July 17 Videotape viewing and discussion
Thursday, July 19 Brush-up rehearsal (Director's call)
Saturday, July 21
at 1:30 PM

Final Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, July 22 - meet at 1:30 PM; performance at 3:00

Performance - followed by a party!
We'll present our scenes at the Park Avenue Congregational Church in Arlington. Juliet will provide piano accompaniment for the performance. Costumes this year will be provided by the workshop members, coordinated by Janice Dallas, a talented and experienced local costumer and long-term workshop member. Our props and sets will be simple pieces we find for ourselves. After the show we'll join our audience of friends and relatives for a celebration. You'll get a videotape of the performance to keep. (Return to top)

What does it cost?

New this year: Choose scenes for your budget!

Cost are higher this year than last, for two reasons: a) We have not had the good fortune to receive yet another grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council; b) we have chosen to pay our technical staff this year rather than demand that they work for free! Nonetheless, you may participate for the same or even a lower cost than last year by a judicious choice of scenes.

Each scene will cost from $350-400. Your part of the scene - and the cost - may be larger or smaller depending on the scene and your role in it:

All members of the workshop will also be expected to contribute to some aspect of the production process: sewing costumes, rigging lights, providing refreshments, posting flyers... ask Nancy (Nancy_Burstein@abtassoc.com or Marion (marion@leedscarroll.com) for more ideas

What do I get for my money? Musical coaching, stage direction and acting classes, help with translations and pronunciation, help with costumes and make-up, the chance to view a videotape of a dress rehearsal, a staged, costumed and lit performance with piano accompaniment, printed programs plus projected surtitles, and a videotape of the performance to keep!

Note that this year we are asking you to provide your own costumes - the rental or production costs are not included in the workshop fee this year, although Janice will be available to help find costumes, and to coordinate the costumes we find .

How do I sign up?

To express interest, contact Marion Leeds Carroll at marion@leedscarroll.com . You must tell us definitely whether you wish to participate by April 21, 2001. Because the choice of scenes is tailored to the participants, it is essential that we have firm commitments from participants by that date.


E-mail Marion Leeds Carroll at marion@leedscarroll.com for more information.

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