MLC's Random Graphics Scrapbook

'' Artitists Behind the Desk logo Jim as Sir Toby Catzalcoatl

Mac | Kitara
  WS Gilbert | Arthur Sullivan mlc at MIT Aero/Astro Mac and a friend
  The MIT mascot | The MIT Seal mlc at Aero/Astro, grinning Mac: Vanity!
  Halloween | Halloween again Sam Silvers (Robin)
& me (Rose)
Mac and a prize
(photo by Susanne Beverly)
  Halloween 2011: The Pumpkin family mlc on MIT sys-tech cruise / and with Rich W. Pumpkin
  Potential Jewish Community of Arlington logos mlc on scooter / mlc on trike / mlc on a camel Fafner
  On being a writer Ancient head shot Fafner & Fasolt at the piano
  Helen at 95 (October 2008) Harry and Mrs. Otery * Spy Pond, Arlington
  Dad and Mom during WW II Kitty Dead apple tree

*Jon Saul (Harry) and Marion Leeds Carroll (Mrs. Otery) in the Sudbury Savoyards' 7/15/11 "Mary Rose," J.M. Barry. Photo by John Keklak, posted on

Photos: Directions to Alewife

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